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Data Centre Engineer

Victoria Island, Nigeria

Purpose:   The staff is to ensure the proper running and maintenance of the Data Center. To ensure that all necessary policies and procedures affecting the Data Center are generated and to ensure the enforcement and tracking of such policies and procedures and activities.

 Key Duties & Responsibilities

Restrict and monitor access control into the Datacenter.

Ensure thorough cleaning and maintenance of Datacenter based on a regular schedule.

Procure and maintain Environmental Control Units in the Datacenter.

Keep proper Inventory control of the Datacenter equipment

Monitor, record and escalate Equipment performance in the Data Center.

Maintain ownership of Change Management request for the Data Center.

Password control for equipment in the Data Center. 

Backup policy for the equipment in the Data Center.

Disaster Recovery Plan for the Data Center. 

Labelling of equipment in the Datacenter according to the approved naming convention. 

Create Data Center Policies

Update, Maintain, Enforce & Control Data Center policies.

Essential Skills/Knowledge

Maintenance/Monitoring of hardware equipment.

Maintenance of Environmental control units 

Analytical thinking

Troubleshooting Skills

Experience with:

o Network monitoring activities and applications.

o Network preventive/corrective maintenance.

o Data Center equipment and maintenance.

Desirable Skills/Knowledge

Ability to quickly understand and adapt to the use of new software.

Working knowledge of iDirect VSAT system

Working knowledge of Gilat VSAT system

Good knowledge of 3G.

Work well in a busy team, being quick to learn and able to deal with a wide range of issues.

Education and/or Professional Qualifications

Degree in [Engineering, Computer Science] or a related field.

Professional qualifications, accreditation to professional bodies.